The mountain bike now is not only simply a perfect tool to do exercise for health but also a means to travel. Due to the neat, lightweight and flexible form, mountain bikes have been the choice of a lot of people to go to work, go to school and go out with their friends. Also, several teenagers use the mountain bikes like a pastime in vogue. So, the dedicated mountain bikes have become the extremely “hot” trend today. You can click here to find out the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 – one of the best mountain bike under 1000$.
In the mountain bikes, the imported brands of mountain bikes are almost dominant on totally the domestic market. What is the mountain bikes enjoyed most now is always the concern of lots of people. Below, this article will introduce you two famous models of Japanese mountain bikes that are picked up by most people now.

1. Shika Mountain Bike

Shika is one of the well-known brands about mountain bikes of the country of cherry blossoms. Shika mountain bike has fashionable style, eye-catching design and updates the newest trends. Thanks to the design with the wide neck and the shock absorber system running flexibly, you would always be assured in the period of going on all types of terrain, both plain and slope.
Especially, the chassis of this mountain bike has the structure made from carbon steel so hard and its thickness is 0.7 cm, it is coated with a stainless electrostatic painting to guarantee the durability and firm and meet all demands of doing exercise of a lot of people.
The line of these mountain bikes that is originated from Japan is the mountain bike design having many follower at both the youth and the middle-age people. The bike has the nice styling and the logos and trademarks are imprinted onto the frame of it. The gearshift has up to 21 speeds that allow you to be able to go comfortably in all types of terrain. And, the price of each Shika mountain bike is also rather tender so it matches the pockets of mountain bikers now.

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On the market, there are many kinds of safe coffers prices, categories and different brands. However, there are plenty of floating and fake lines, so if inexperienced consumers are likely to choose the safe, which is counterfeit, substandard, causing property losses and other important papers. So, how to distinguish between counterfeit and genuine goods? In this article, the author will show some know-how in recognize the SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination Fire-Safe to avoid some unwanted situations.

  • Colors

  • The fake silver safe: The color and design are very rich, eye-catching to attract buyers rather monotonous as the genuine safes. On many sites, there are many counterfeit safe colors like white, silver, gold, beige, pink.
  • The genuine silver safe: It has only a few colors and designs, which is not as diverse as counterfeit goods. The product’s color is blue, gray, black and silver door, which is a sign to identify genuine safe ensuring the quality.

  • Material Composition

  • The fake silver safe: In some processing facilities of the Safe, they are made of simple materials such as corrugated stainless thin paint, concrete, stuffed inside black sand is not the type of coarse-grained sand fireproof. These units have low the safety. For example, crooks just cut thin steel sheets or sharp knife to easily obtain gold coins.

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