Crossfit can say is a program used to exercise the power and improve the fitness of your body. It is designed to develop health, whole body strength and different muscle groups. The program included diverse exercises to ensure the conditions of fitness are full care, ensuring a balance in the body. This can be achieved by the combination of many exercises such as free weights, sprints or long-distance running, fitness and pilates … To achieve the body you want. The first thing you need to have a good health, the information accurately and adequately prepared the CrossFit training support equipment (the best knee sleeves, protective gloves etc.).

A/ Crossfit Objectives Geared To

– To be able to achieve the maximum benefits from the program file, the file should at least CrossFit concept of the objective that CrossFit mentions: breath, stamina, strength, coordination, flexibility, the ability to use the quick power, speed, balance, correct.
– Crossfit training is focused on the present. According to the CrossFit, this can be created by stimulating the development of the nervous system and hormones in the entire metabolic system.

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