How To Identify The Genuine And The Fake Safe In The Market

On the market, there are many kinds of safe coffers prices, categories and different brands. However, there are plenty of floating and fake lines, so if inexperienced consumers are likely to choose the safe, which is counterfeit, substandard, causing property losses and other important papers. So, how to distinguish between counterfeit and genuine goods? In this article, the author will show some know-how in recognize the SentrySafe SFW123DSB 1.23 Cubic Feet Combination Fire-Safe to avoid some unwanted situations.

  • Colors

  • The fake silver safe: The color and design are very rich, eye-catching to attract buyers rather monotonous as the genuine safes. On many sites, there are many counterfeit safe colors like white, silver, gold, beige, pink.
  • The genuine silver safe: It has only a few colors and designs, which is not as diverse as counterfeit goods. The product’s color is blue, gray, black and silver door, which is a sign to identify genuine safe ensuring the quality.

  • Material Composition

  • The fake silver safe: In some processing facilities of the Safe, they are made of simple materials such as corrugated stainless thin paint, concrete, stuffed inside black sand is not the type of coarse-grained sand fireproof. These units have low the safety. For example, crooks just cut thin steel sheets or sharp knife to easily obtain gold coins.

Besides, on the market, there are many types of advertising of fireproof safe, but in fact, it is just stuffed inside grained black sand. Safes are processed mainly imitation by hand, without modern machinery support, which has surely some error as follows:

  • The welds are often burned, not smooth
  • During stuffing sand by hand, without the infamous compressors, they maybe usually empty, when using hands to strike the top of the safe.
  • Box is often very light weight compared to the true volume of the tank shape.
  • The genuine silver safe: Safe genuine includes 2 types:
  • Type 1: Safe fireproof shell frames, door boxes are made from 2 layers of steel, aluminum powder mixed with 1 layer of cement mortar fire and anti-lock system (may be the key lock or electronic body or both), it can be divided into two types of safe: flanged type well inside the door frame and grip type or without, but it is very simple, which is kind of grip to ensure high safety.
  • Type 2: The Safe has shell frames, door boxes, which are made from 2 layers of steels, one fire is the protection layer Coarse sand, which is stuffed tightly with high-pressure compressor and constant mechanical locking system according to the code wanted, safes will be weighing matching geometry.
  • Stamps And Labels

  • The fake silver Safe is often called strange foreign name to the buyer thinks that it is safe. If customers want to be careful, they should get a phone number, the company’s welding shop owners will give them advice.
  • The genuine silver safe: In many countries such as USA ,there are only 3 manufacturing firms have names about the safe

One thing worth mentioning is that genuine safes have anti-counterfeiting stamps stick in a safe, as are crumbling Stamped rather than units, on the stamps will have serial number of packaging and outside the capsule for a phone number and plant locations, customers simply call the factory and ask them to check the serial number on the stamp

  • Price

  • The fake silver safe: For safes, which are made from cheap materials, the product price is cheap, only about 800,000 to nearly 2 million per unit. Besides, the products that are replicas of famous brands like Bauche Warranty, Diplomat, Bumil, the price is very low, only about 2 million per 130kg safes.
  • The genuine silver Safe: Depending on the features, the brand of genuine safe has different prices. For example, with the same brand, weighing 200 kg, but the normal type just costs between 2-3 million, while some kind cost more than 10 ribbed million. Users should consider the affordability and need to select the kind of safe – suitable coffers.


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