The Challenge Endurance Exercise And High Speed With Crossfit Equipment

Crossfit can say is a program used to exercise the power and improve the fitness of your body. It is designed to develop health, whole body strength and different muscle groups. The program included diverse exercises to ensure the conditions of fitness are full care, ensuring a balance in the body. This can be achieved by the combination of many exercises such as free weights, sprints or long-distance running, fitness and pilates … To achieve the body you want. The first thing you need to have a good health, the information accurately and adequately prepared the CrossFit training support equipment (the best knee sleeves, protective gloves etc.).

A/ Crossfit Objectives Geared To

– To be able to achieve the maximum benefits from the program file, the file should at least CrossFit concept of the objective that CrossFit mentions: breath, stamina, strength, coordination, flexibility, the ability to use the quick power, speed, balance, correct.
– Crossfit training is focused on the present. According to the CrossFit, this can be created by stimulating the development of the nervous system and hormones in the entire metabolic system.

– People often make the CrossFit exercises include running, rowing, jumping, climbing, moving heavy objects, moving animals traveling in the long distance, the Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting techniques. Part of the program include the use of weights, pull the beams, and the program uses other body weight.

B/ Challenge Exercises With Crossfit

Filthy 50: this is a list of exercises that will make you feel like they are endless. This method consists of 10 different exercises. The exercises include 50 times box jump with a height of 24 inches, 50 times jumping pull-ups, kettlebell weights, throwing 50 times 50 steps walking lunge, 50 times the exercises the knee to elbow, 50 rep push press with 45-pound weight, 50 times the back extension, 50 20-pound ball used wallball, 50 times 50 times and finally burpee double-under.
Fran: this method requires you to perform once the thruster and pull-ups as quickly as possible.They are divided into 3 stages, including 21 rep to each of the exercises in the first period. In the second and third stages, the figure is 15 and 9 rep for each exercise. It is the effective method for a beginner CrossFit exercises, but it doesn’t mean it’s easier than other CrossFit exercises.
Murph: generally quite simple in execution, but this method will push your body up to the maximum limit. You need to run 1 miles, then made 100 times pull-ups, 200 push-ups, 300 times squat then run 1 mile.
The seven: with this method, you will perform the action as quickly as possible to 7 round. Each round consists of 7 times the handstand push-ups, 135-pound thruster, 7 times 7 hits the knees to elbows, volume 245 pound deadlift 7 times, 7 times 7 times, burpee threw barbell kettlebell and the last 7 times pull-ups.
The Ryan: this method lasted 5 rounds, require you to implement as quickly as possible. Each round consists of 7 times the muscle-up and the next is 21 times the burpee.
King kong: this method will not waste too much of your time, just when you are not having problems with raising a large volume. All 3 round episode requires you to implement as quickly as possible. Each round consists of exercises: 1 times the deadlift with volume 455 pound, muscle-up 2 times, 3 times with 250-pound weight squat and finally 4 handstand push-ups.
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