The Mountain Bike Models That the Customers Enjoy

The mountain bike now is not only simply a perfect tool to do exercise for health but also a means to travel. Due to the neat, lightweight and flexible form, mountain bikes have been the choice of a lot of people to go to work, go to school and go out with their friends. Also, several teenagers use the mountain bikes like a pastime in vogue. So, the dedicated mountain bikes have become the extremely “hot” trend today. You can click here to find out the Schwinn Protocol 1.0 – one of the best mountain bike under 1000$.
In the mountain bikes, the imported brands of mountain bikes are almost dominant on totally the domestic market. What is the mountain bikes enjoyed most now is always the concern of lots of people. Below, this article will introduce you two famous models of Japanese mountain bikes that are picked up by most people now.

1. Shika Mountain Bike

Shika is one of the well-known brands about mountain bikes of the country of cherry blossoms. Shika mountain bike has fashionable style, eye-catching design and updates the newest trends. Thanks to the design with the wide neck and the shock absorber system running flexibly, you would always be assured in the period of going on all types of terrain, both plain and slope.
Especially, the chassis of this mountain bike has the structure made from carbon steel so hard and its thickness is 0.7 cm, it is coated with a stainless electrostatic painting to guarantee the durability and firm and meet all demands of doing exercise of a lot of people.
The line of these mountain bikes that is originated from Japan is the mountain bike design having many follower at both the youth and the middle-age people. The bike has the nice styling and the logos and trademarks are imprinted onto the frame of it. The gearshift has up to 21 speeds that allow you to be able to go comfortably in all types of terrain. And, the price of each Shika mountain bike is also rather tender so it matches the pockets of mountain bikers now.

2. Sava Sk1 Mountain Bike

With the design has fashionable style; Sava Sk1 mountain bike is not only the No.1 option of professional racers, but also the favorite good of many parts and ages in some big towns.
Next, the Sava Sk1 is also got ready with the hydraulic disc brakes Tektro that has the operation mode same as the motorbikes. The improvement of the hydraulic disc brake system also helps those who have newly gotten acquainted with mountain bikes to be more confident and easy to process the manipulations and sudden cases on the streets.
One noteworthy thing more of this line of mountain bike is the fork of Sava Sk1 belongs to the most innovative line and the light weight of it helps to damper safely with the customizable lock (open/close) that helps to increase the hardness, improve the balance and safety of the mountain bike. Firmly 2-layer aluminum sporty rims together with the advanced tire system, that can against penetrating, helps the mountain bike to easily subject any dangerous terrain kind. The flywheel of it has the big size, about from 155 to 159 cm with 9 speeds to shift the gear, so you can easily select the speed of biking that fits the using needs or the health of each person.

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